Super Greg #1 SG_Head
 This is my home site for all home
boys and home chicks,
giving U a flava of
the Super Greg Concept.
If U have a problem with it or
think U can do it better,
it's your problem (not mine).
Sorry if I sound a little upset in
the beginning of this site,
but I can promise U the rest
of the site is a lot nicer. Stay fresh!

- Love, Super Greg

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Homemade by Da Man (me).

"Sometimes as a DJ U have these 'golden moments' when everything seems to flow. You never know when they are going to happen. It's funny, on this particular occasion I wasn't thinking about DJing at all, but about a sweet girl I once met at a bus station."
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Gig at Stüwe Club: "I don't know how many times I've gigged here, but they sure have good pineapple drinks (afterwards).

My team: Rashy,
Me (middle) and Roccy.

In the heat of the night: Fine-tuning volume.

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Pro Master Mix 5000X (back).

Pro Master Mix 5000X (front).

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Gig in my "El Barrio" (neighborhood, in Spanish): "I got really giddy outside the gas station. Here I give Roccy a 'noogie' (not Spanish)."
Early memories: "I grew up in that apartment (with the flowers). You can't see it from the outside, but there is a family-sized Jacuzzi inside."

Gangsta Years #1.

Super Greg #12
Super Greg #13
Wrapping up after a gig: "Roccy looks a little annoyed in this picture, but he isn't. Rashy is chatting with a lawyer or something."
By Super Greg

Backstage photo session for a possible U.S. launch.

a) Da Number One (0:27)
b) Lovin U (0:31)*

*Not perfected yet
Get QuickTime 4 here

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Gangsta Years #2.

Hanging out with a fan: "I think her name was Mariha. I asked her about the 'h'-thing, but I really never got an acceptable answer on that one."

Yo! See you later, bro!

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